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Organic Matcha Tea

Authentic Japanese Matcha 

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Excellent !!!!! I enjoyed it hot. It was delicious. Also, very soothing and calming affect. Will definitely purchase it again.


Really decent flavor for use in lattes. I was unsure when I first opened it because the color was not as green as seen in the listing pictures here. I would not hesitate to buy again. Enjoy!

Jeff G.

As a newbie to the matcha tea world, this definitely hit the spot. One of the best tasting teas on the market and super easy to make.I highly recommend it. Fast shipping too.

Maximillian P Lewis

Our Story

Our Japanese matcha has been sourced from Uji City, Kyoto, the true birthplace of Japanese tea, where we still select the best raw ingredients. We test all our tea carefully, for residual pesticides, bacteria, and radiation, in order to provide a product that is safe and secure.​ Our powdered matcha tea contains an abundance of beneficial nutrients that are beneficial to the body and can easily be absorbed, including Theanine, which has a relaxing effect, inhibits the symptoms of geriatric diseases and offers a number of other benefits that have been discovered by recent studies. Green tea is now becoming indispensable in many areas, including the food industry. We provide original green teas exclusively for individual customers using their own image and concept of the product and working in tandem with our specialized tea appraisers. With a mellow taste and a rich, elegant flavor, this tea is truly worthy of the name “Reo"


Reo Matcha

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