Matcha's unique quality has made it central to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha is a vibrant green powder that is 100% pure tea leaf. In only four sips, you consume the full health benefits of the entire leaf–not just what’s left over from steeping tea. Think the healthy espresso of green tea.


REO has chosen tea farmers who combine traditional methods with new technologies to produce the freshest matcha. Prior to the Spring harvest, matcha fields are gradually covered to reduce the amount of sunlight exposure to the leaves. This process increases the natural amino acid and chlorophyll content in each leaf, which results in matcha’s rich green color, flavor, and nutritional value. After this shading process is complete, the leaves are handpicked, steamed, dried and then ground by granite stone mills into the ultra-fine powder that is matcha. During this process, tea sommeliers carefully ensure consistent quality across all of REO's matcha grades.


While green tea is harvested in many regions throughout the world, only Japan produces the highest-quality matcha. REO has traveled the entire country on a mission to find the most sublime and exquisite matcha. In the end, we did just that, and are now proud to work with Japan’s premier tea farms. Our matcha comes exclusively from Nishio, which is located in the heart of the Aichi Prefecture. Due to its climate, fertile soil and fresh water, Nishio produces tea leaves that are more nutrient filled than tea leaves grown in other regions.

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